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Florida vs. Pittsburgh, 12 May 2006

7:05, FSNP, KDKA

Sergio Mitre (1-4, 4.89) vs. Victor Santos (1-4, 4.97). Santos faces his Marlins statistical doppelganger in Mitre. (Because Mitre is Santos' Marlins equivalent, Mitre's younger.) Mitre, who used to pitch for the Cubs, doesn't throw overly hard. He has a sinking fastball, a curve and a change.

Is it just me, or are the Marlins about 1000% more interesting to follow than the Pirates despite the Marlins' offseason fire sale?

Box Score: Jason Bay's batting sixth. Man, I can't believe this. Even if you're crazy enough to think that keeping Jeromy Burnitz in fifth is a good idea even though he's a far lesser player than Bay and has struggled the entire year, why would you bat two guys with very little power (Nate McLouth and Freddy Sanchez) in the second and third spots?