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Minor League Roundup

Class AAA Indianapolis: During yesterday's game Bob Walk said part of the reason Oliver Perez was staying in the rotation was that there was nobody from Class AAA to fill his spot. It's strange that he would say that, because Tom Gorzelanny and Brandon Duckworth are both pitching extremely well. Scott Strickland still has not allowed a run yet; he's been about as dominating as it's possible to be.

Class AA Altoona: Adam Boeve and Josh Sharpless just got promoted to Indianapolis, which means there are few good reasons to pay attention to Altoona anymore. Well, there are a couple. One wonders how many batters Jorge Vasquez has to strike out before he gets promoted, for example. And the Frivolous Lawsuit Promotion in July should be fun.

Class A+ Lynchburg: Brian Bixler has done a pretty good two-week impersonation of a prospect, raising his OPS to .877. Nothing else is interesting about this team, however.

Class A Hickory: Steven Pearce has been downright... Eldredy, hitting .291/.363/.631. Brent Lillibridge continues to look good. Lillibridge and Pearce are both a bit old for Hickory and should probably be moved up soon. Todd Redmond has 34 strikeouts and three walks in 38 innings. Andrew McCutchen hasn't had a great couple of weeks, but his overall line is still pretty terrific.