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Pittsburgh vs. Cleveland, 19 May 2006

Duke, Sabathia (


Zach Duke (2-4, 4.24) vs. C.C. Sabathia (2-1, 2.31). Interleague play! It's amazing how young Sabathia still is. He's only 25, but his career performance looks like that of a veteran's - he's pretty much been a slightly above-average starter since he arrived in the big leagues. He hasn't really improved since he made his debut. Sparkly ERA aside, there's no particular reason to think that's going to change this year.

Box Score: A good-looking lineup (the word "good" being relative, of course, especially since Jeromy Burnitz's presence is a given). Jose Bautista's in center, Freddy Sanchez is at third, and Ryan Doumit makes his first start in an eon at DH.

Pathetic. The Pirates reached base four times against Sabathia. He only threw 102 pitches in his complete game.