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If We Were Cleaning Littlefield's Mess..

If we had the power, what would we do to fix this team for this year? Here are my ideas:

-P- Release Jose Hernandez. Call up Adam Boeve from Indianapolis.

I mean, why not? How many infielders does this team need? The Bucs already have Jose Castillo, Jack Wilson, Freddy Sanchez, Jose Bautista and Joe Randa to cover second, shortstop and third. Hernandez is awful and is completely superfluous. I don't think Boeve's great or anything, but he has about a 0% chance of being worse than Hernandez has been this year. And there's a better than 0% chance he could really help off the bench.

-P- Trade whatever veteran relievers you can.

Again, why not? Scott Strickland and a number of other relievers at Class AAA are performing extremely well. This is no surprise, of course - it's relatively easy to stash decent relievers in the minors. Lots of teams haven't learned this, so the Bucs may as well pawn off Roberto Hernandez and company to the Phillieses of the world. We may as well try to get some mileage out of Strickland and find out if Josh Sharpless can be the next Matt Capps.

What else? Trade Humberto Cota? Send Oliver Perez to Indianapolis? Dump John Grabow, Victor Santos or Jeromy Burnitz? What would you do?