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Pittsburgh vs. Arizona, 22 May 2006


Oliver Perez (2-5, 6.98) vs. Orlando Hernandez (2-4, 6.98). A late game tonight in the Mountain Time Zone, and a battle of crap ERAs. After an excellent first start in Colorado, Hernandez has been sliding downhill. He's been having trouble with his back all year (the team cleared him to pitch this week after a bullpen session). And perhaps it's mostly incidental, but he also seems to be having trouble in the pitcher-unfriendly Bank One Ballpark, giving up five homers in 21 2/3 innings and posting a nasty 10.38 ERA there, compared to 2.65 on the road. He's also having extreme difficulties against lefties, who are hitting .388 with six homers against him. If there's any game in which a start for Jeromy Burnitz is defensible, it's this one.

Some links while you wait for the game to start:

-P- Um...

"After six weeks of mutually agreed upon conservative treatment, we decided that it was in everyone's best interest to place Jody [Gerut] on the disabled list in order to consider other medical options, including surgery," Littlefield said.

So Gerut was right, then?

-P- Romo Phone Home has an excellent critique of Paul Meyer's typically silly coverage of last night's game. I was going to do a post like this two, but I would've mostly just echoed what Billy says.

-P- Jason Bay and Giants infielder Pedro Feliz were named co-NL Players of the Week.

-P- Jonah Keri discusses the Bucs' catcher situation twice in his new chat. What do you think he has to say about Ronny Paulino's catcher ERA? Hint: it involves a certain phrase with the initials "S.S.S."