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Pittsburgh vs. Arizona, 23 May 2006

Santos, Vargas (


Victor Santos (1-4, 5.69) vs. Claudio Vargas (4-2, 5.25).

Vargas is the Diamondbacks' equivalent of Ryan Vogelsong, and he's having the sort of career the Vogelsongs of the world are supposed to have. Vargas throws hard and has a good curveball. But he has struggled with his control, and he gives up too many home runs. In 2006 he's been used as a starter and as a reliever. In 2003 to 2005, he bounced around the majors and high minors. Last year he did stints with Washington, with the Nationals' Class AAA affiliate in New Orleans, and with the D-Backs after the Nats cut him.

Here is my caption for his picture: "Yeah, I'm not very good. That's true. But I throw a million miles an hour, so I'll always get a ton of chances. And tonight I get to face Victor Santos and the Pittsburgh Pirates' offense. How could I be unhappy?"

Box Score: Ryan Doumit is at first. No Craig Wilson. ()*#$@