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Great Kovacevic Chat

Go read this now - it might be the most interesting Pirates-related read published yet this year. Post-Gazette beat reporter Dejan Kovacevic candidly answers lots of important questions, including many from Bucs Dugout folks. For example, Kovacevic suggests that Craig Wilson and Freddy Sanchez will be back on the bench once Sean Casey and Joe Randa are healthy; that the Bucs' management still thinks the fanbase wants a "competitive" veteran team and still thinks that acquiring veterans will make them competitive; that the Bucs really like the idea of making Ryan Doumit a first baseman and that Humberto Cota will continue to 0-fer for the forseeable future; that the Pirates will probably pick a pitcher with the fourth pick in the upcoming draft; and so on. There's a ton of information here, most of it depressing, that you can't get anywhere else. None of it gives me any hope that this management team has any interest in or ability to turn the Pirates around.