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Houston vs. Pittsburgh, 26 May 2006


Taylor Buchholz (3-3, 4.35) vs. Ian Snell (3-3, 5.74). Bucholz has had a decent year so far, but nothing in his numbers portends future success. His fine ERA is fueled by an April in which he feasted on the Bucs and a couple of other teams. More recently, he pitched a complete game shutout of the Rangers in his last start, but got rocked by the Dodgers and Giants before that.

The Astros have dropped their last three games, and seven of their last ten. They're struggling to score runs despite terrific performances from Morgan Ensberg and Lance Berkman because of (predictable) non-hitting by Adam Everett, Preston Wilson and Willy Taveras. (And yes, Joshua, Taveras still stinks.) Of course, their offense isn't half as bad as the Pirates' - "struggling" is a relative term.

While you're waiting for the game to start, check out this video starring former Pirate Bronson Arroyo, but, uh, don't listen to it on your work speakers.

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Here's the box score. Lance Berkman apparently has a minor injury and is not in the starting lineup. Jim Tracy appears to be burying Ryan Doumit almost completely. Unless he is hurt again, that is so stupid, and is really puts into perspective how damaging it is for the Bucs to continue to start Jeromy Burnitz, and not just because Burnitz is terrible. Would the Pirates not benefit both now and in the future from starting Doumit in right field, or starting him at first and putting Craig Wilson there? Leaving Doumit on the bench does not make him better.