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Pittsburgh vs. New York Mets, 4 May 2006

Maholm, Glavine (



Paul Maholm (1-3, 5.86) vs. Tom Glavine (3-2, 2.29).

With an 8-21 team, you've got to take your drama where you can get it, and last night we got it in the form of a walk-off homer by Carlos Delgado. Of course, the drama was muted by the fact that losing feels inevitable anyway.

Anyway, there'll be drama of a different kind in the next couple weeks, as the Pirates make personnel decisions and try to figure out who should get playing time. Freddy Sanchez made their lives more difficult with another good performance yesterday, and now comes news that the Pirates won't stick with a three-catcher setup for long. Ronny Paulino is the only catcher they have who can be sent to the minors, and it seems unlikely that they'd want to send him there. So expect someone to be traded or expect Humberto Cota to be cut soon. Ryan Doumit only made it into the game yesterday as a pinch-hitter; let's hope he gets his at-bats somehow.

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