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Link Roundup

-P- An anonymous poster recommends this column about the Royals from the excellent Joe Posnanski of the Kansas City Star.

-P- Joe Randa has a fracture in his foot. Far be it from me to take pleasure in the pain of another, but it looks like Freddy Sanchez will finally have the starting job for a couple weeks. The Bucs will decide whether or not to put Randa on the disabled list.

-P- WTM evaluates Dave Littlefield and says, "I was wrong! He's the BEST GM EVAHHHHH!" Eh, who am I kidding.

-P- FOX Sports' Ken Rosenthal:

The Pirates' Freddy Sanchez, batting third while filling in at third base for the injured Joe Randa, is another player who could develop into a quality super-utility man. "He's becoming a tougher and tougher out, showing some line-drive authority and he can field and throw above-average," one scout says. "He's not Billy Hall yet, but he's a nice weapon to have."

Heh. Isn't Sanchez a "quality super-utility man" already? At the very least? And what does "super-utility" even mean? I thought it meant a guy who played six positions like Rob Mackowiak does, but Sanchez doesn't do that.