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Pittsburgh vs. Washington, 5 May 2006

Perez, Day (


Oliver Perez (1-4, 7.53) vs. Zach Day (1-3, 9.82).

Oh happy... day. Zach was cut by the Rockies earlier this year (to the joy of Rockies fans), which, along with that nasty ERA, tells you most of what you need to know about him. But I'll keep going. He has 7 strikeouts and 13 walks this year and also had more walks than strikeouts last year. Admittedly, his sinker-throwing ways theoretically would be much better suited to RFK Stadium than to Coors, but only theoretically, since he pitched for the Nationals last year and got pounded then, too. Actually, Day's particular skill set would be best suited to another profession, such as UFO studies or department-store-easter-bunny-impersonation. (That was mean. Sorry.)

Speaking of bad players: Granted, the Pirates are terrible, but is there any team with more pointless players on its roster than the Nationals? I mean, Royce Clayton is their starting shortstop.

Box Score: Humberto Cota is at catcher. Neither Ryan Doumit nor Ronny Paulino are anywhere to be found. Jeez, does this team make me want to kill. If the rationale for making Paulino the everyday catcher is that he's magical with working with pitchers, why wouldn't you want to see if he can fix the pitcher who's struggling the most? On the bright side, Freddy Sanchez is batting leadoff.