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Littlefield Shoots For Moon, Comes Up Short

The St. Louis Cardinals are interested in Craig Wilson, but refused the Pirates' offer of Wilson for pitcher Anthony Reyes. Reyes has little left to prove in the minors and is an elite prospect, or at least is very close. Normally, I'd applaud Dave Littlefield for trying, but we've seen this happen before: Littlefield wants to deal a player, so he goes around asking organizations for their very best prospects in exchange. This information is leaked to the press, but Littlefield's trade proposals never materialize. And then Littlefield ends up trading the player for Jody Gerut or Ty Wigginton. If Littlefield wants to trade Wilson, he should do it soon, before Wilson spends too much more time on the bench and his value drops. The Giants, who could use a first baseman, would be a good trading partner, except they may not have the sorts of prospects Littlefield should want.