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Wells to Return Tuesday

Victor Santos has been placed on the DL; Kip Wells, who was supposed to have a rehab start for Indianapolis that day, will take Santos' place instead. Jim Tracy says that this move does not necessarily mean Santos won't have a job when he gets back.

Relatedly, Oliver Perez had a very nice day today, but it's a shame Santos is injured, since Perez could use time at Class AAA. There, at least, he'd have a different set of coaches who might have some chance of helping him get his velocity back. Perez stuff is now merely acceptable - he doesn't throw hard, and his breaking ball doesn't break much. If he had pinpoint control, this would be fine, but he doesn't. He succeeded today because he pounded the strike zone and because the Twins' offense isn't very good. He really didn't keep the ball down. When Perez can find the strike zone against a mediocre offense, he's capable of having outings like today's with the stuff he currently has. But most of the time, he's going to continue to get pounded. Since I don't think he's likely to improve his control suddenly and dramatically, I don't think this situation is likely to improve much unless he starts throwing 97 again.