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Dodgers 7, Bucs 4

Another bad game. One can gauge exactly how bad this season and this road trip have become by the behavior of the FSN announcers, who are running out of nice things to say about the Pirates. I'm not sure how anyone could watch more than a few innings in a row and not get mildly annoyed by the announcers' talking-point-style mentions of the National League batting race every time Freddy Sanchez comes to the plate (And who cares, anyway? It's June. In a few months the leaderboard won't look anything like it does now).

This isn't really the announcers' fault. Other than Jason Bay's high ranking in the All-Star balloting (which itself is mostly the Pirates' creation), they've got nothing nice to talk about.

Oh well. Joe Randa had a nice game. Ronny Paulino made a good throw.