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McClatchy Blames Players

Kevin McClatchy:

"Yeah, I still have confidence in [Dave Littlefield and Jim Tracy]," he replied. "But that doesn't mean I'm happy about the way we're playing right now. There's accountability that will go everywhere, and I will be at the top of that list. But I think that accountability goes through to not just the general manager or manager but also the players."

The thing is, the players are at least sort of accountable. Even on stupid teams like the Pirates, they will eventually be fired if they aren't useful. The Pirates, remember, cut Chris Stynes and Randall Simon after they tanked in 2004. And I'm sure they'll do something in the coming weeks. Playing for the Pirates is not a meritocracy, as Craig Wilson will probably be happy to tell you, but if you're absolutely horrible, you won't keep your job forever.

If, on the other hand, you're an owner who presides over eight zillion losing seasons in a row, you have nothing to worry about. If you're a GM who makes years of bad decisions en route to several of those losing seasons, you get a three-year extension. I don't want to hear McClatchy (or Littlefield) talk about "accountability" for the players. If McClatchy or Littlefield faced the constant threat of job-loss that the players face, they just wouldn't have jobs. By and large, the players are doing what they're able to do. They're just not well-suited for what's expected of them. That's not their fault. And it seems the people who are really at fault are never actually held accountable.