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Link Roundup

-P- Romo Phone Home responds to my "Don't Vote For Bay" post.

-P-Dave Littlefield wins Dodger Math's "Worst GM" competition, then heads over to Where's Van Slyke to accept the award. Congratulations, Dave!

-P- Kansas City's recent blip of good play has Royals Review sounding weirdly hopeful:

Thirteen days later the Royals are 25-50 and only one game behind the Pirates for the second worst record in baseball. Considering the relative quality of the National League this season, you can make a quite coherent case that the Royals are actually much better than the Pirates on balance, and likely better than the Marlins as well.

-P- A new Pirates blog, Mondesi's House, just opened. Thanks to Chuck Finder and Dead Spin, you've probably already seen it.

-P- John Sickels reviews his preseason Top 20 list of Pirates prospects.