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Bucs Promote Four

Dejan Kovacevic reports that the Pirates are promoting four minor leaguers, including three middle infielders:

Brian Bixler moves from Class A+ Lynchburg to Class AA Altoona. Bixler, a second round pick in the 2004 draft, was looking like a huge bust until this year, when he put up a .400+ OBP in 73 games at Lynchburg. He wasn't young for his level. Class AA will be a good test for him. To make room for Bixler, the Bucs will move Javier Guzman to second base, which shows what the Bucs think of Guzman's defense and his prospect status.

Craig Stansberry moves from Class AA Altoona to Class AAA Indianapolis. Stansberry was hitting fairly well, especially recently, but the Bucs are probably moving him partly in order to make room for Bixler.

Brent Lillibridge, a 2005 draftee, will move from Class A Hickory to Class A+ Lynchburg. Lillibridge was absolutely destroying the South Atlantic League, but he was a college draftee, so that shouldn't necessarily be a huge surprise. John Sickels recently said that Lillibridge "could be a major sleeper," though, so watch out for him.

Nyjer Morgan, an outfielder, was also promoted to Altoona. Morgan is not a prospect.