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Detroit vs. Pittsburgh, 30 June 2006

Rogers, Wells (

7:05 PM

Kenny Rogers (10-3, 3.44) vs. Kip Wells (0-2, One Million).

I saw Wells' last game and he was better - at least the walks weren't a huge problem, and he was mostly beaten by singles. He didn't look like the Wells of old, though, not even the Wells of old who was getting hit hard in 2005. He didn't throw very hard and his fastball seemed straighter than usual.

I went to a game in Detroit a couple weeks ago. At least I can happily report that our ballpark is better than theirs. I'll stop the bragging there, because I wouldn't bet on these Pirates even beating the '03 Tigers in a three-game series.

Be sure to check out Greg's post comparing the two teams.

Here's the box score. Jim Tracy has given up on this game and it hasn't even started yet. Jose Hernandez is in right field. Mike Edwards (why?!) is at third.

...Here's why: Freddy Sanchez has back spasms and is day-to-day. Ugh.