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Pirate Dumpee Update

DJ AnyReason writes:

Chris Young [had an] 81 game score [against the Bucs today]... That's like if Chris Shelton came to town and hit for the cycle.

Right you are, DJ. It was embarrassing watching Young shut the Pirates down today. I think it's a good time to do an update on players the Pirates dumped for nothing:

Chris Young: Young's excellent performance against the Pirates today dropped his ERA to 3.39. He has given up an alarming number of home runs, particularly at home, which is strange, since San Diego's park supresses homers. Young is an extreme flyball pitcher, so PETCO really should be the ideal park for him. In any case, a 3.39 ERA is certainly nothing to complain about, especially since he's only allowed one unearned run this year.

Chris Shelton: Shelton cooled off substantially after his ridiculous start, but he still has an excellent .908 OPS with excellent power.

Bronson Arroyo: Arroyo has a sparkling 2.40 ERA, including a 2.21 ERA at home. A pitcher who puts up a 2.21 ERA in Cincinnati is pretty much guaranteeing a win about 80% of the time he pitches at home, and indeed, the Reds have won all of Arroyo's home starts. They're 9-3 overall in games Arroyo starts. He's obviously likely to regress some as the season goes on, but maybe not much, since he isn't walking anyone or allowing many homers. He may just be having an excellent peak season. Pittsburgh-area businesses should regret that he's not with the Bucs anymore, since he's a good pitcher and an even better pitchman.

Duaner Sanchez: Sanchez has an excellent 2.04 ERA for the Mets this year.