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Kudos To Pirates Management

...For, in this single isolated case, not acting like complete idiots:

With Joe Randa getting closer to a return from the disabled list, Pirates general manager David Littlefield yesterday reversed course and said Freddy Sanchez would remain the team's starting third baseman.

There isn't much to say about this that hasn't already been said by every blogger, every employee of the Post-Gazette, and half the fans at PNC, but at least, $4 million and several dozen games later, the Pirates are finally making the right decision. I am amazed that Sanchez had to reach the lead league in batting average to change the Pirates' minds, but I'll take it.

"If Freddy's going to hit .350, I think he should be playing third base," Littlefield said.

I see - opinions like that are the reason Littlefield makes the big bucks.