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Pirates Planning On Signing Casey To Extension

What the @#($&(&@!#ing @#$. What, exactly, is it about Sean Casey that has convinced Dave Littlefield that he simply must have Casey around in 2007 and 2008 and, heck, maybe 2009? Is it the fact that Casey has already missed far more than half the season so far with injuries? No, that can't be it. Is it that he's in his 30s and his bat is already barely adequate for his position? No, probably not. Is it the fact that Casey gets down the line at about the speed at which David Eckstein can push a charter bus? Nah. Is it that Littlefield has made a hobby of googling "Pittsburgh Pirates albatross" in his spare time? Doubtful.

So what is it? Ah yes: Casey is a nice guy. Well, that does keep the clubhouse mellow during those twelve-game losing streaks.

What the #$(*%&.