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News Roundup: DeCaster Returns

-P- Yurendell DeCaster is back with the Bucs, taking Ryan Doumit's spot on the roster after Doumit aggravated his hamstring injury in a pretty grisly-looking way the other day. DeCaster got his first big-league at-bat tonight against Scott Dohmann and looked really silly, although Dohmann also made Jack Wilson look silly later. With all the infielders the Bucs currently have, DeCaster is pretty pointless, since his bat isn't good enough to play in the outfield.

-P- Doumit could miss eight weeks on the DL, which is a shame. Presumably, Humberto Cota will remain a Pirate for a while.

-P- Ian Snell pitched really well tonight. I don't know if there was something about his stuff that I couldn't see or if the Rockies just don't see the ball well or what, but Snell got a number of hitters to swing at third strikes on pitches that were clearly low or even in the dirt.

-P- Jose Castillo was just named the National League Player of the Week. Jason Bay was named the player of the month.