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Link Roundup

-P- The will-Tracy-be-fired speculation starts now! It's only in the headline of the article, but still.

-P- Pat of Where's Van Slyke does a nice podcast with Red Hot Mama.

-P- It's July, so trading season is upon us. The Giants may be interested in Craig Wilson. Most of the Giants' best prospects are having disappointing seasons, however; I'm not sure they have anyone the Giants would trrade and the Pirates should want.

-P- Here's a profile of Pirate minor leaguer Nyjer Morgan.

-P- Here's yet another we-hate-the-ownership site with an online petition. It's certainly good that Pirates fans are angry, and another petition can't hurt. I've gotten several emails about new sites being started just in the past couple of weeks, and that's great. But I wonder if Pirates fans would be better served to just rally around one site for the purposes of protesting, if only because then it would be easier for the press to tell how many angry people there are. Perhaps Irate Fans should have an ongoing petition.