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Selig Sticks Up For McClatchy


...[H]e noted that Detroit and Cincinnati have recently rebounded, and markets such as Oakland and Minnesota field competitive teams. He also pointed to the Pirates core of young talent, what with Jason Bay and Freddy Sanchez on this year's All-Star team. He added that changing owners is not a panacea for a franchise that has had two owners, three general managers and four managers since it last had a winning record...

He indicated that baseball's current revenue-sharing plan is "close" to being adequate enough to eliminate the complaint that teams like the Pirates and Kansas City Royals can't compete.


  1. The revenue-sharing plan isn't the problem.
  2. Small-market teams compete all the time.
  3. Changing owners won't help.
So, what is it? Please, Mr. Selig, tell me what the problem is here. How is it possible for a team to post 14 consecutive losing seasons if the deck isn't really stacked against them and there isn't a problem with their ownership?