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If You're Wondering What Chad Hermansen Is Up To...

Now you know:

But to 83-year-old Jim Eriotes, it was serious business.

Eriotes led off Tuesday's game for the Canaries against the St. Joe (Mo.) Blacksnakes and took four big swings -- even fouling a pitch off -- before striking out.

The at-bat made Eriotes the oldest man to ever play professional baseball. It was his only at-bat in the game...

Former major leaguer Chad Hermansen made sure the Canaries won. Ralph Santana singled and stole second after Eriotes' at-bat, and Hermansen quickly followed with a two-run homer. He later added a double and another homer as the Canaries defeated the Blacksnakes, 5-3.

Hermansen got a good laugh out of his new, and now former, teammate.

"We didn't really know what to expect until we saw him hanging out in the dugout," Hermansen said. "As long as it didn't affect the game, I guess."

What is Chad Hermansen doing? He is playing on the same team as an 83-year-old.