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Romo Phone Home Reports Nutting Sighting

Billy and Zeke report a Nutting sighting at the All-Star Game:

Zeke and I were in our seats in Section 114, Row A last night, wearing our official Irate Fans t-shirts--more on that later--when I noticed a bent-spined little old man in the middle of the Hoi Polloi section in front of us who was being treated with a deference befitting royalty. I realized in a flash that it was the Great Man himself, the mysterious, reclusive Mr. Ogden Nutting. His son Bob was in the same section, both last night and during the Home Run Derby, and was in the stands for much of the night, but Ogden appeared in public only briefly during the National Anthem last night before disappearing into his lair beneath the stadium.

They also report that, contrary to what my dad said, there didn't appear to be many Irate Fans shirts around, although they were both wearing the shirts. Strangely, my dad was in the same section as they were - their shirts probably contributed to my dad's impression that lots of people were wearing them.