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At Least We're Not The Reds Today


The Cincinnati Reds overhauled their rickety bullpen Thursday, getting Gary Majewski and Bill Bray in an eight-player trade that sent outfielder Austin Kearns and shortstop Felipe Lopez to the Washington Nationals.

The playoff-hopeful Reds also acquired shortstop Royce Clayton, infielder Brendan Harris and pitcher Daryl Thompson from the last-place Nationals.

Clayton most likely would replace Lopez, who made the All-Star game last year. The Reds gave up reliever Ryan Wagner, a first-round pick in 2004 who has struggled the last two seasons.

I cannot believe what a horrible move this is. The Reds traded two very valuable commodities, plus their 2004 first-round pick, and didn't get a single really good player in return. They got two relievers, a not-great pitching prospect, a utility infielder prospect and Royce Clayton. I like Bray and Harris as much as the next guy - they're both from my alma mater - but, wow.

Baseball Primer:

Ring ... ring ... ring.

"Nationals. Bowden speaking."
"Jim, it's Wayne. Listen, I have a trade to run past you. How about Kearns for Clayton, Harris, Bray, Majewski and Thompson?"
"Ha! Only if you throw in Lopez and Wagner. Now, seriously ..."
"Done! I'll phone it in to Bud."
"Wait ... what?"