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Washington vs. Pittsburgh, 14 July 2006

Ortiz, Duke (

7:05 PM


Ramon Ortiz (6-7, 4.85) vs. Zach Duke (5-8, 5.17).

Box Score

The Nats' new additions, Felipe Lopez and Austin Kearns, join the team at shortstop and centerfield (?), respectively. The Nats have a pretty decent lineup now - everyone in it has played well this season except Jose Guillen and Brian Schneider, and both of them have been solid in the past. (By the way, if you're dying to read more about this insane trade, Federal Baseball is exploring it from every possible angle.)

Nate McLouth plays rightfield and bats leadoff for the Bucs. Jeromy Burnitz sits. I hate to say this, but if the Pirates want to get any return for Burnitz and Craig Wilson, maybe they should let McLouth sit for the next couple weeks.