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Colorado vs. Pittsburgh, 17 July 2006

Kim, Wells ( 7:05 PM, KDKA

Byung Hyun Kim (5-5, 4.89) vs. Kip Wells (0-4, 12.42).

Just in case you thought Kip Wells was a headcase, consider the case of Byung Hyun Kim. During the World Series in 2001, he seemed like he was on a one-man mission to torpedo his team's chances of winning. Then he got traded to Boston, struggled, and flipped off the team's fans. Then he signed with Colorado.

Nonetheless, Kim has a wickedly funky delivery and terrific movement on his pitches and is having a solid year for the Rockies. He's one of my favorite pitchers to watch, actually.

Box Score: Because of Kim's delivery, he sometimes has troubles against lefties. Nate McLouth is leading off, which makes sense.