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ESPN: Dodgers, Giants Want Gonzalez

From the San Francisco Chronicle:

ESPN analyst Steve Phillips, the former Mets general manager, reported the Giants and Dodgers are vying for Pirates closer Mike Gonzalez, a 28-year-old left-hander who is 14-for-14 in save opportunities.

I'm not sure whether the Pirates are actually willing to move Gonzalez (the Post Gazette reports that they're not discussing a Gonzalez trade with anyone), but they should be. He's not horribly young and would have more value to a contending team than he'd have to the Pirates. If the Pirates are on the verge of contending in a couple years, they can worry about developing or acquiring a closer then. Now, they need a better core of starting pitchers and offensive players. The Giants probably can't help much with that, but the Dodgers certainly can.