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Indians Trade Wickman

The Indians have traded reliever Bob Wickman to the Braves for 21-year-old catching prospect Max Ramirez.

This may offer a clue as to what the Bucs might be able to get for Roberto Hernandez. Wickman has racked up saves this year, which the Braves probably appreciate since they've had trouble finding a closer for much of this year, but Hernandez is also a proven closer and has an ERA a run lower than Wickman.

Ramirez was hitting .285/.408/.449 in the Class A South Atlantic League for the Braves. He hits well for average, he has terrific plate discipline and he even has a bit of power. He's a little bit old for his league, but not by much. John Sickels ranked Ramirez the Braves' 6th-best prospect before the season, and I can't believe anything Ramirez has done so far has convinced Sickels he was wrong about that.

The Indians are getting a very solid prospect here and they're giving up very little for him. However, they did have to settle for a prospect in Class A. Though Dave Littlefield has said he can be flexible about the players he receives in trades, he has reiterated his desire to receive major-league-ready talent, which seems highly likely to prevent him from receiving any players of Ramirez' caliber.