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Pittsburgh vs. Florida, 20 July 2006

Snell, Johnson (

7:05 PM


Ian Snell (8-6, 4.85) vs. Josh Johnson (8-5, 2.48).

Here's the box score.

Here's the Marlins' lineup. You may not know much about some of these players, so I'm going to annotate:

Alfredo Amezaga, CF, 28: A middle infielder who played in the Pirates organization for a while. Not a part of the Marlins' future, and probably not the player you want leading off, though he's not much worse than putting Nate McLouth and Jack Wilson at the top of the lineup.

Hanley Ramirez, SS, 22: Terrific prospect, acquired in the 2005-2006 offseason in a trade for Josh Beckett.

Mike Jacobs, 1B, 25: A solid major league player with very little service time. Acquired in the 2005-2006 offseason in a trade for Carlos Delgado.

Miguel Cabrera, 3B, 23: Possibly the most valuable commodity in all of baseball.

Dan Uggla, 2B, 26: Probably playing way over his head, but he's having a terrific season. He was taken from the Diamondbacks this offseason in one of the better Rule 5 selections in recent memory, probably ranking right up there with Chris Shelton. Yeah, I said it.

Jeremy Hermida, RF, 22: Super-duper mega prospect already has an .822 OPS this year. A superstar in the making.

Josh Willingham, LF, 27: The Marlins' equivalent of Craig Wilson - not a star, but a good big-league hitter and a former catcher.

Miguel Olivo, C, 28: Kind of a journeyman, but a good one, Olivo is a good defender and he's hitting well this year. Signed as a free agent in the 2005-2006 offseason.

Josh Johnson, P, 22: He wasn't regarded as a top prospect before the season, but he's having a fantastic year at a very young age and he brings good stuff. He'll need to stop walking so many batters if he's going to keep his ERA this low, but he's got a bright future.