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Trade Rumors

-P- The Bucs are still asking the moon for Craig Wilson:

The Angels still are after Pirates 1B/OF Craig Wilson, but hard-driving Pirates G.M. Dave Littlefield still has an exorbitant asking price for the pending free agent. According to one source, the Pirates want a major league-ready starting pitcher, a first base or corner-outfield prospect who is not far away from the majors and a promise that the Angels will pick up the rest of Wilson's $3.3 million salary.

I love Craig, but that's ridiculous. Who could that first base or corner-outfield prospect possibly be? Well, the Angels have Kendry Morales and Casey Kotchman. After that, the next best prospect I can find in AAA or AA is Aaron Peel, who's way behind the likes of Nate McLouth or Jose Bautista. So if the Pirates have made a serious offer (maybe they haven't; maybe they're not actually interested in dealing with the Angels and their awesome farm system), it's probably Morales or Kotchman (who's injured) plus a major-league-ready® starter for two months of Wilson, and oh-by-the-way you're picking up the tab for Wilson's contract. That's just absurd.

-P- In spite of all that, Littlefield told one reporter that he's looking to deal this year:

Pirates general manager Dave Littlefield, after largely holding his chips the last two years, seems determined to unload veterans this season, with Roberto Hernandez and Sean Casey apparently on that list. Explained Littlefield: "The difference is we've got replacements that are much more competitive and in some cases need to get some experience."