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Pittsburgh vs. Milwaukee, 24 July 2006

Duke, Davis (

8:05 PM


Zach Duke (7-8, 5.19) vs. Doug Davis (5-6, 4.82).

Pirates fans probably haven't noticed, but the Brewers haven't had such a great season either. Like the Cleveland Indians, they haven't maintained the gains they made in last year's campaign. Brewers fans may think I say that with disdain, but the fact remains.

The Brewers' hitting, led by Carlos Lee, Prince Fielder and Bill Hall, has been very good, but their pitching has been a complete mess. Ben Sheets and Tomo Ohka have been injured most of the year and the bullpen has been a complete mess. Milwaukee has used twenty-four pitchers this year. Like many of the Brewers' pitchers, Davis has contributed much less than expected.

Box Score: Craig Wilson starts in right field.