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Link Roundup

-P- There appears to be lots of interest in the Pirates:

In the meantime, they continue to talk to the Pirates about several players, including relievers Roberto Hernandez and Salomon Torres and outfielder Craig Wilson. Pittsburgh has a number of teams interested in those players, however, and the Yankees are growing frustrated with the slow pace of the negotiations.

-P- Here's an amusing chat from the Stats Geek, who appears to be losing his mind:

JPeezy: It's so frustrating watching Pirates pitchers walk people. How can it be explained?

Stats Geek: I blame the parents.

-P- John Perrotto says the Pirates aren't going to pick up a lot of talent at the deadline:

While there is nothing wrong with trying to get the better end of a deal, indications are that Littlefield will have to lower his demands in order to complete any trades... One possibility is the Pirates dealing Hernandez or Marte to Houston for center fielder Willy Taveras or rookie right fielder Luke Scott.

Taveras? Ugh. Scott, I don't know. He's 28 and has hardly played his way out of the minor leagues. He's racked up some impressive numbers there the past few years, but unlike Ryan Shealy, he didn't have great numbers in his earlier stints in the minors, and he wasn't at all impressive in his first taste of major-league action last year, so you have to wonder if the huge numbers at AAA are just the result of his beating up on less experienced pitching.

-P- The Angels may be interested in Sean Casey:

That leaves Robb Quinlan and rookie Howie Kendrick (whose primary position is second) as the options at first. The lack of depth might spur the Angels to change their priorities before Monday's non-waivers trade deadline and focus on first basemen.

"On a depth issue, there's certainly more need at first base now than there was last week," [Angels manager Mike] Scioscia said. "It's something we're looking at."

The Pittsburgh Pirates have made it clear that Sean Casey is available, though Casey isn't the hitter he once was.