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Pittsburgh vs. Milwaukee, 25 July 2006

Snell, Sheets (

8:05 PM


Ian Snell (8-6, 4.84) vs. Ben Sheets (1-3, 6.64).

How does a guy strike out 28 batters in 20 innings, while only allowing one walk and one home run, and come up with a 6.64 ERA? Well it doesn't matter now - all of Sheets' 2006 stats were accumulated months ago. Today marks his return from shoulder surgery. This is an important game for Brewer fans - a healthy Sheets could have an enormous impact on their Wild Card chances. Anyway, both teams will try to recover from the hideous baseball they played yesterday.

Box Score: Nate McLouth and Jeromy Burnitz start in center and right field; for the Brewers, Chris Barnwell and Gabe Gross start in place of Rickie Weeks and Brady Clark. (Weeks left yesterday's game with a wrist problem.)