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Carlos Lee Traded To Rangers

Good deal for Texas. The Rangers only gave up a pretty bad outfielder in Kevin Mench, a talented but struggling reliever in Francisco Cordero, overaged prospect Laynce Nix, and lottery-ticket pitching prospect Julian Cordero. In return, they got a very solid outfielder in Lee (and if you own him in your fantasy league, you should be very happy) and outfielder Nelson Cruz, a AAAA type who, as one poster at Brew Crew Ball pointed out, could nevertheless probably produce Mench-like numbers right now.

Since you win trades not by getting more stuff, but by getting better stuff, I'm not sure how this is a winner for the Brewers unless they can flip Mench or Francisco Cordero for a good prospect or two. Maybe they can recover some of Nix's lost potential, but the truth is that he was never that big a deal. And Nix and Mench would seem to block Corey Hart, who I think the Brewers really should be trying to play. This, I think, is one of Milwaukee GM Doug Melvin's first bad moves.