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San Francisco vs. Pittsburgh, 28 July 2006

Schmidt, Wells (

7:05 PM


Jason Schmidt (7-6, 3.12) vs. Kip Wells (0-5, 8.28).

Welcome back, Barry. Welcome back, Jason. Schmidt is a couple years removed from his '03 peak, but then again so is Wells, and Schmidt has the advantage of still being a good pitcher. Wells, though, could still pitch his way into a trade with a strong start tonight - he has had two starts in a row in which he wasn't sub-Jimmy Anderson awful, even though he wasn't especially good, either.

Here's the box score. Y'know, it's kind of drag when it's three days before the trading deadline and not only is our GM "stuck in neutral," you can't even look at the lineup and speculate because the guys who might be traded never actually play.