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Slow News Day

How slow? Well, the first and last paragraphs from one of Paul Meyer's Post-Gazette articles today are the following:

"No matter how long I manage, I'll never see another matchup like that," Pirates manager Jim Tracy said. "It was incredible."


"Absolutely amazing," Tracy said.

This reminds me of a story I read (probably over and over) in a copy of Guitar Player while in my early teens. I'll do my best to relate it:

Steve Vai used to transcribe Frank Zappa's music, probably for publishing rights or something. Vai came to Zappa before he was about to transcribe a new song and said (paraphrasing, of course!), "Frank, I can transcribe this as if it were two beats a measure or four. Since we're getting paid by the measure, we can make more money if we do two beats per measure."

And Zappa said, "Just do it as it should be done. We don't need to make money that way."

I hope Paul Meyer doesn't get paid by the paragraph.