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Littlefield Says He Isn't Being Difficult

Dave Littlefield:

"Who knows what reason that stuff is written?" he said yesterday. "At this time of year, there's always speculation, including issues that nobody's even talked about. Things like this ... who knows if it's posturing or whatever? We've made plenty of trades, and we'll continue to make plenty of trades."

Yes, that's true. He's made plenty of crappy trades, and, because he's sitting on his hands, he'll continue to make crappy trades, while the Indians get a legitimately good prospect for lefty-masher Eduardo Perez, who's vastly inferior to Craig Wilson. While, as Van Slyke points out, the Phillies get an actual semi-prospect for David freaking Bell and Joe Randa continues to sit on the Pirates' bench. While the Nationals get two everyday players for relief help, of which Littlefield plenty to trade, then get a very good prospect for Mike Stanton, who's clearly worse than Roberto Hernandez. The Giants were known to be interested in Hernandez - if they offered Littlefield anything nearly as good as the 19-year-old the Nats got, he'd have been crazy not to take it.