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Trade Roundup

Greg Maddux is headed to the Dodgers for Cesar Izturis. Good trade for the Dodgers. Izturis - scrappy, good-fielding, non-hitting, not too young - is a Dusty Baker kind of player.

The Padres traded a young, live arm in Jose Ceda to the Cubs for infielder Todd Walker.

The Dodgers also traded super-duper-prospect Joel Guzman and Class A+ hitter Sergio Pedroza to the Rays for SS Julio Lugo. Great trade for the Rays - that's how you trade a veteran. Guzman is a Grade A/A- type of prospect, and Pedroza hit 21 homers at Class A Columbus this year at age 22. Lugo is eligible for free agency after the season. Man, the Pirates just got their clocks cleaned by the frigging Devil Rays this trading season. The Rays got four decent prospects for rentals of Lugo and Aubrey Huff. The Royals had a terrific trading season, too. Is there any contest for the majors' most pathetic team right now?