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Pittsburgh vs. New York Mets, 5 July 2006

Wells, Hernandez ( 7:10 PM


Kip Wells (0-3, 15.19) vs. Orlando Hernandez (4-8, 5.55).

You may remember El Duque's last start against the Pirates on May 22, when he was a Diamondback. Since then, the Mets traded struggling reliever Jorge Julio for him, and Hernandez is now pitching slightly better for the Mets.

Last fall, I dated a girl named Kip Wells. I'm not kidding. No relation, just a bizarre coincidence. She usually goes by a different first name now, so I didn't find out that she was often called "Kip" until probably our third date. That revelation came as a terrifying surprise, and I knew it was a bad omen. She was a nice girl, but, as it turned out, we weren't really compatible. The courtship was therefore brief and disappointing, sort of like a typical night of pitching from the other Kip Wells.

Box Score: No David Wright, which is good news for the Bucs.