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Pittsburgh vs. New York Mets, 6 July 2006

Gorzelanny, Trachsel (

7:10 PM


Tom Gorzelanny (0-0, 3.60) vs. Steve Trachsel (7-4, 4.70).

For a team as bad as the Pirates to have to face a pitcher like Trachsel just seems cruel. There's a scene in the movie Hostel in which the hero is talking to a man who's about to patronize the pay-to-kill-someone racket with which the titular hostel is involved, and the man asks whether it would be better to kill his victim slowly or quickly.

With their, um, ace Tom Gorzelanny on the hill, the Bucs certainly have a chance to win this one, but if they do get killed, it will happen very, very slowly. Trachsel has to be the slowest-moving pitcher in the major leagues. He has also been thoroughly and reliably mediocre this year - his ERA has been hovering around 4.70 since the end of April.

Box Score: Carlos Beltran takes the day off for the Mets. Jack Wilson sits for the Bucs. Freddy Sanchez is at shorstop; Joe Randa is at third.