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Pittsburgh vs. Philadelphia, 7 July 2006

Snell, Lieber (

7:05 PM


Ian Snell (7-6, 5.00) vs. Jon Lieber (3-5, 5.79),

Lieber has, of course, had some success since leaving the Bucs, but don't expect much from him tonight - he got hit hard in his last two rehab starts in the Florida State League, and the Phillies, in desperate need of pitching, activated him anyway. The Phillies' offense is good - they seem to have five credible starting outfielders - but they're more than ten games back and may be sellers at the trade deadline. By the way, former Buc Abe Nunez has been a complete disaster for the Phils, to the point where he didn't play for nearly a week before getting an at bat last night. He's hitting .144 with little power and few walks. And the Phillies have him under contract for another year after this. Ugh.