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Pittsburgh vs. Houston Astros, 10 August 2006

8:05 PM


Tom Gorzelanny (2-2, 4.41) vs. Roger Clemens (3-4, 2.32)

Could this be the clash of the legend and soon-to-be legend?  Pirates fans certainly hope so.  Still, even the most diehard fans would have a hard time believing that the 24-year-old Gorzelanny has a chance of having a career even close to Clemens' own.  

Nonetheless, the two will face off tonight, and no matter what the result, Gorzelanny will be able to put a positive spin on it:

 "It's something that I can tell my grandchildren someday -- that I faced Roger Clemens."

 In other news, it will be interesting to see what Pirates manager Jim Tracy decides regarding Chris Duffy.  Duffy may as well have been using a toothpick to hit baseballs latley, but Tracy loves his defense so much that he has all but promised that Duffy will remain firmly-entrenched in the lineup.