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Pittsburgh vs. St. Louis Cardinals, 13 August 2006

1:35 PM


Paul Maholm (4-10, 4.81)  vs. Jason Marquis (12-10, 5.82)

The Cards will attempt to ward off embarrassment in a few hours.  No one wants to get swept by the Pirates.

This game promises to be filled with ugly pitching, as both teams will field struggling hurlers.  Hopefully, Maholm will have a good outing while Marquis will continue to provide proof that win/loss stats mean nothing.

Another win would put the Bucos on quite a streak (by their standards).

Excited about the Pirates' recent winning ways, manager Jim Tracy just couldn't escape sentimentality.

"Wins are precious," Tracy said.  

That's right, Jim. Wins are precious.  Hold them.  Love them.  Cuddle afterwards.