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"Homegrown Talent"

The Post Gazette reports that the Pirates have the "most" "homegrown talent" in baseball:

An independent survey of all of 30 teams' 25-man rosters in the past week showed that the Pirates' total of 13 internally produced players -- drafted or signed out of Latin America -- trailed only the Atlanta Braves' 17 and Los Angeles Angels' 16.

I used quotes so liberally in my opening paragraph above because of the way the article defines the word "talent" as "number of players." Don´t mistake it for "ability" - in that area, the Pirates are clearly lacking, no many how many players they promote from the minors.

Anyway, Dave Littlefield almost sounds like a rational, non-lying human being in some of the quotes in this article, but I do want to call out one stupid thing he says:

...(T)he impact also has been felt at Class AAA Indianapolis and Class AA Altoona, which have been stocked with journeymen this summer to compensate for a lack of prospects.

"No doubt about it," Littlefield said. "When you're the second-youngest team and moving up as many guys as we have, it's going to take a toll on your upper minors."

Let´s see - of the 13 homegrown players on the Pirates´ 25-man roster, nine were acquired before Littlefield was hired (including Jose Bautista and Mike Gonzalez - Littlefield gets no credit for correcting his own mistakes). Littlefield has been on the job for a little over five years. Exactly how long should it take for his prospects to get to the high minors?