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Pittsburgh vs. Milwaukee Brewers, 14 August 2006

7:05 PM


Victor Santos (4-7, 5.58)  vs. Dave Bush (8-8, 5.02)

Finally, the day has come!  Victor Santos is back!  We're saved!  Now the opposing team will only score 5.58 runs a game!  

Wait a second...Well, at least it is not Chacon.  Also, I have noticed that the Brewers have not hit  that well at PNC this year.  It is such a small sample that this is pointless (just over 100 ABs), but Pirates fans have to search for hope wherever they can find it.  Ah well, they did just sweep the Cards...

Pittsburgh native Dave Bush has consistently underachieved in the majors, but he has been pretty good over his last two starts, including an outing against Chicago on 8/9 when Bush got his no-no on into the sixth inning.