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Pittsburgh vs. Milwaukee Brewers, 15 August 2006

7:05 PM


Tom Gorzelanny (2-3, 4.19)  vs. Doug Davis (8-6, 5.02)

I am prepared to make a decree: Tom Gorzelanny, you are to halt, cease, and desist your bad habit of walking people. Stop it. Another start like your five walk performance on August 10th shall be considered an encroachment upon my decree. Such a crime would no doubt bring on a string of equally irrelevant, yet gradually more annoying decrees.

OK, now that we have that settled...

I am always interested to see a guy like Doug Davis pitch.  His stats last year were really surprising, even given his decent 2004 numbers.  Players like Davis always intrigue me insofar as they make me question my baseball beliefs.  Can striking out 200 batters in a season ever be a fluke?