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Pittsburgh vs. Milwaukee Brewers, 16 August 2006

12:35 PM


Zach Duke (8-10, 5.09)  vs. Chris Capuano (10-8, 3.76)

As you all know, Pittsburgh was unable to extend its winning streak to five games last night, despite a strong performance from  Tom Gorzelanny.  It is probably better this way; the news of a five game streak might have made Charlie choke on some schnitzel or something.  Anyway, the Pirates hope to ignite a new win streak tomorrow afternoon against the Brewers.

Ah, the day game, that blessed invention that reminds us all from time to time how much we hate our jobs.

Even though most of us will not be able to watch, I am sure that the Bucos have an awesome gameplan.  You know, something like: "Listen up, fellas, we need you to swing at a bunch of junk tonight so there is less time in between  Jeromy Burnitz ABs.  What do you say?  One-Two-Three-We Will!!!!!"

The Pirates will field Zach Duke, who is fresh off a real gem against St. Louis.

The Brew Crew will send  lefty Chris Capuano to the mound.